Business Online Mastery Scholarship Application

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I’m so excited you are interested in attending Business Online Mastery under a scholarship.

If you are accepted, your ticket price will go from $997 to ONLY $147. That’s a 90% savings. That amount doesn’t even cover my snack costs.

I want you to answer these questions below for 2 reasons  

  1. 1 I want you to see where you are. Get a good sense of what skills you need to be working on, and what steps you need to take next. This clarity alone helps a person to see the importance of the answers you are seeking, and make sure this event is a right for your next steps
  2. 2 I want to get to know you better, especially if you are coming to the event. I personally meet EVERY attendee at every event I hold. I keep them intimate at around 60 people so I can do that. I stay after hours so you can ask questions, and it helps me to craft my presentations and teachings to exactly what people are looking for. Why spend time on copywriting if nobody needs it right?

Be completely honest with yourself and with your answers as these are as much for you as they are for me.

This information will be kept private and confidential. The more you know, the more I know, the better we can plan for your next steps.

BOM Scholarship Application

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